Multi-Card Keno Strategy

One of the coolest games around is the Multi-Card Keno video slot machine.  If comes in a few flavors and denominations.  I’ve seen the 4-Card, 8-Card, and 20-Card versions.  My preference is the 20-Card version for at the 5 cent denomination.  At 5 cents per card and playing all 20 cards, that’s $1 per play.

The draw to the game are the large payouts for hitting most if not all of the numbers selected.  However as most of you Keno players out there know, those instances are few and far between and the percentages are against you especially if you are playing a single card.  Here is a strategy of taking advantage of playing multiple cards that will help you to weather the storm while waiting for the BIG HIT.

12 Number Wheel

The benefit of using this strategy is that you are using 12 numbers in various combinations which means that you will hit 3 numbers on average.  By splitting the $1.00 bet over 20-cards, we can take advantage of the different pay tables associated with selecting a different AMOUNT of numbers per card.

In this stegetgy, we will be placing (4) 3-Spot bets for 20 cents, (4) 4-spot bets for 20 cents, (4) 5-spot bets for 20 cents, (3) 6-spot bets for 15 cents, (3) 7-spot bets for 15 cents, and (2) 8-spot bets for 10 cents.

You can play around with this distribution a bit, but the general idea is that you want a larger number of cards playing less spots than you do playing more spots.  The reason is that the cards with less spots marked will hit more often helping you to recoup you bets while waiting for the large hits.

The most important part is the distribution of the numbers amongst the different cards.  You want an even distribution without repeating any sequences on any of the cards.  Using the numbers 1 thru 12, here is an example of a distribution for this strategy:

—– 3 Spot Cards —–

Card A  – 1,2,3

Card B – 4,5,6

Card C – 7,8,9

Card D – 10,11,12

——- 4 Spot Cards ——

Card E – 1,2,4,5

Card F – 7,8,10,11

Card G – 3,6,9,12

Card H – 2,5,8,11

——- 5 Spot Cards ——-

Card I – 3,4,7,9,10

Card J – 1,4,6,9,12

Card K – 2,3,6,8,10

Card L – 1,5,7,11,12

——- 6 Spot Cards ——

Card M – 1,3,5,7,9,11

Card N – 2,4,6,8,10,12

Card O – 2,3,5,6,8,12

——– 7 Spot Cards ——-

Card P – 1,3,4,8,9,10,12

Card Q – 2,5,6,7,9,11,12

Card R – 1,4,5,6,7,8,10

——- 8 Spot Cards ——-

Card S – 1,3,4,5,7,9,10,11

Card T – 2,3,4,6,7,8,11,12

As you can see, the sequence on Card A (1,2,3) is not repeated on any of the other cards.  he same is true for every card.  Also, count the number of times each number is used.  Each one is used exactly 8 or 9 times distributed as evenly as possible.  With the exception of the 8-spot cards, no grouping of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 spot cards rely on any one number in order to hit all.

On average, you will recoup you original bet by hitting 5 of 12.  If you hit the right 3, 4, or 5 spots you will light up any one of the 1st 12 cards for a substantial win.  Any play that hits 6 or more of your 12 numbers is a winner, the question is how much.  The beauty of playing the same 12 numbers on all of the cards is that when you hit a large number of spots (8+), you are lighting up most if not all of your cards …and that’s a cool thing!

Give it a try and send me your stories, any keep an eye out for the MULTI-CARD KENO Simulator which will be available from this site soon so you can test your strategy at home.


Casino Junkie

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9 Responses to “Multi-Card Keno Strategy”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi casino junkie, I tried your system (on penny game king) with 20 cent total and did hit 7/7 for $70 after a couple hours of play, you’re right, smaller number’s keep ya going; used to play all 7′s or 8′s, can be expensive if no hit. Went to 80 cents per play, but had already hit on 20 cent’s for 7/7, sevenout of eight, a couple of 6/6, and some five spots. Thanx for your knowledge.

  2. CasinoJunkie Says:

    I’m glad to help Bob. Where do you play?

  3. Brian Says:

    After 3 hours of play I counted a total of 20 – 3 out of 3 hits, 15 – 4 of 4 hits, 5 – 5 of 5 hits, 1 – 6 of 6, and 6 – 7 of 8. I did not hit any 7 of 7 or 8 of 8 , but I played for 3 hours and ultimately left $200 up. But I did have a blast playing! Thanks!


  4. CasinoJunkie Says:

    Excellent! Now the other part of the equation is…how many COMPS did you earn in the process? You have to count that as part of your winnings too.
    Where do you play?

  5. Dave M Says:

    I live in the Atlantic City area and there was only 1 place that had decent odds and that was at the Taj Mahal but they have taken them all out nad the odds elswhere are not even playable compared to the odds in Las Vegas.

  6. Glenn Says:

    Won $2800!! I wish I was playing the dollar machine!!

  7. ginojohn Says:

    hi casino junkie,
    your strategy is the best i have seen. ty for the imfo.
    i live in pa, and the only 20card keno we got here is for 25 cents
    which is too steep for me to play. do you have any strategy for playing 25 cent four card keno? if you do i would appreciate it very much.
    thank you!

  8. Steve Says:

    Hi Casino Junkie. Your advice on multi-card Keno is exactly what I’ve been looking for, this is my fav machine, period. I have played, with limited success, 15 cards (75c/game), 4 groups of various nestings of #’s 1-7 (including 1-6, 1-5, 3-7), 10-80 (10′s column, similar nestings as 1-7), 73-80 (and similar nestings), 1-71 (11,21,31, etc, similar nestings) and an oddball 7 grouping. I have won up to $1200 (one time) when 1-7 hit (and nested numbers) and I happened to have 2 nickles in on the 7 spots.

    I too weighted more heavily on the lower count numbers: 5×5′s, 4×6′s, 4×7′s, 2×8′s.

    But since then (about 6 months ago), haven’t done much. Tried various other combos and tried some non-pattern numbers, no luck. I like your approach, and will try it next visit, but may try to center the numbers more so top/bottom and middle areas are more used, like the 40′s/50′s rows. Do you think that’ll make any difference?

    I like to play at the Chumash Casino in Santa Inez, Calif. Good odds payoffs (5 out of 5 is 838).

  9. Patrick Says:

    I used a similar method at ARIA on a $1 4-card Keno playing 4,5,6, and 7 spots. I eventually caught all 7 spots for a total of $9,424. The numerous 4 of 4 hits kept me going until the big hit came. Not bad for an investment of $200.

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